About Us

Catchers in the Autumn Rye

Holden Caufield agonized over the loss of childhood innocence, and it nearly drove him off a cliff. We help organize the family for elderhood contentment, so you’ll all enjoy a cozy spot in the autumn rye.

Brian Sroub

CEO & Founder

Brian started Operation Relo after experiencing first-hand the difficulties of being the executor for his father’s estate. A serial entrepreneur he has persistently introduced innovation into organizations large and small. He has held executive positions at Procter & Gamble, General Electric, Sony and Cleveland Clinic as well as a variety of entrepreneurial ventures in Cleveland, California and around the world. His MBA is from Stanford University and his MA in economics is from Boston College. He hails from Cleveland where he attended Gilmour Academy.


We help families with elders experience joy during the elderhood stage of life by compassionately and efficiently navigating needed transitions with a comprehensive set of services.

Operation Relo is a harmonious network of trusted, caring, go-to individuals of integrity and honor that cooperatively marshal diverse resources needed to smoothly manage families through transitional events. Our ethics, compassion, and legal probity are notable, especially given the messy circumstances these types of situations present. We bravely support the overall, often conflicting, needs of the family. We often ourselves become extended family, reliably present to help with whatever life dishes out.


Our mission is to usher families through life changes required by elderhood and to swiftly and peacefully move them through difficult and complex transitions maintaining the broader perspective of the whole family unit.

Our Founder's Story

Brian Sroub

My father passed away in 2015, and I was named executor of the estate and guardian for my mom. This set off a two-year odyssey dealing with creditors, frozen bank accounts and three separate moves for Mom in one year. It was a nearly full-time effort that pulled me out of the job market. There was no roadmap for tasks that involved repairing and selling the house and distributing the assets among family as equitably as possible. Sadly, the stressful events fractured our family, which happens all too often in these circumstances.

These are the things they don’t teach you in school or business. The various tasks – legal, medical, moving, home repair, real estate, creditor management, Medicaid, even flea markets – have their own arcane rules. There are very few people who have expertise in all that needs to be done so that the family can move forward. There was a lot of on-the-job training, but even as you’re doing them, you hope to never do them again. Still, as an executor, I didn’t have the option of saying, “Sorry no. I don’t do that.” The executor has to figure it all out and get it done, one way or the other.

That’s the spirit under which Operation Relo was created. We’ve built a network of experienced people to work through these tricky challenges. Our goal is to make life changes and wealth transfer within families and between generations as peaceful and equitable as possible … whatever it takes.

Operation Copacetic

Copacetic /ˌkōpəˈsedik/ INFORMAL* NORTH AMERICAN. adjective. In excellent order

Operation Relo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Operation Copacetic. Operation Relo began in 2015 when founder Brian Sroub stepped in to manage the affairs of the estate of his parents as power of attorney (POA), then executor and guardian for several years. The company officially formed in 2018, focused on the trauma of the transition.

As we grew, we realized we are more of an overall elder lifestyle management company. We adopted the term elderhood to describe the stage of life occurring after childhood and adulthood, a phrase coined by Dr. Louise Aronson in her 2019 book of the same name.

Our focus is on ensuring the elder years are healthy, safe, and joyful. To achieve that, elders require different accommodations than were appropriate for adulthood and childhood. This often involves relocation, but not necessarily. It’s more about being copacetic.

The word copacetic is an adjective meaning “completely satisfactory” or “in excellent order.” It also carries connotations of letting go, relaxation, and enchantment. It’s the state of mind we hope to help our families achieve.

We continue to operate under the name Operation Relo, especially for those services like cleanouts, repairs, moves, and real estate-related transactions. In that regard, Operation Relo is both a copacetic company and a Copacetic company.

Operation Copacetic will increasingly be used in conjunction with our softer services: high-end estate liquidations, elder lifestyle management, executor & POA services, the work of our Empaths. Copacetic and Relo are complementary sister brands serving the diverse needs of this customer base.