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Brian Sroub

CEO & Founder

Brian started Operation Relo after experiencing first-hand the difficulties of being the executor for his father’s estate. A serial entrepreneur he has persistently introduced innovation into organizations large and small. He has held executive positions at Procter & Gamble, General Electric, Sony and Cleveland Clinic as well as a variety of entrepreneurial ventures in Cleveland, California and around the world. His MBA is from Stanford University and his MA in economics is from Boston College. He hails from Cleveland where he attended Gilmour Academy.

Joe Hicks

General Manager

Joe brings a diverse background to the general manager role at Operation Relo. He has skills in operations, hospitality, account management, digital marketing, and financial planning from a broad range of companies including Marriott, Chicago NW Railroad, thunder::tech, McDonald's, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This instinctively gives him an affinity for strong customer service in the whatever-it-takes world of family downsizing. His BA in economics is from Wheaton College.

Danielle Novario

General Manager

Danielle was born to be a general manager for Operation Relo. She is a caring, resourceful manager who thrives in environments where customer service is key and attention to detail means everything. Her eclectic experience base includes managing fair trade retail operations, extensive events management, and running fashion shows for the Ingenuity Festival. She was a key organizer for the Great Lakes Rib Cook-Off, a regional coordinator for Easter at the White House, and coordinated events for the elderly at the Case Western Reserve Society. Her BA in sociology is from John Carroll and she is active with The Glenn Institute for Philanthropy and Service Learning.

Tom Wagner


Tom is the hardest working man you’re likely to come across. He recruits crews and manages them. He also is a licensed auctioneer, having conducted numerous auctions at auction houses, in homes, and online. With this experience, he has a good eye in appraising the market value of used merchandise.

Rich Hurey


Rich is an experienced Controller and CFO with over 30 years of experience in finance and operations. He has had P&L responsibility for organizations as diverse as Second City entertainment, Evolution Energy, and Painters USA, He has particular expertise in creating more profitable operations through the analytics of cost accounting. Rich comes to us through Sharp CFO. His BS in Business Administration is from LaRoche College.

Elaine Scantlin

Estate Sales, Discovery

Everybody loves to work with Elaine. She brings a flair to an estate sale with heart-felt appreciation for classic assets combined with a get-it-done approach needed keep things moving toward a practical conclusion. She served as estate manager at for Quorum Management managing over $90 million in properties. She trained crews and established operating procedures for large yachting companies, Blue Water International and Elegance at Sea covering topics that included silver service, management, barista and floral, all that was needed to keep high-end clients happy.


We help families with elders get the most possible joy during the elderhood stage of life by compassionately and efficiently navigating needed transitions with a comprehensive set of services.

Operation Relo is a harmonious network of trusted, caring, go-to individuals of integrity and honor that cooperatively marshal diverse resources needed to smoothly manage families through transitional events. Our ethics, compassion, and legal probity stand talleven in the face of reproach which is inevitable in these messy situations and in our contentious world. We are brave in our support for the overall – often conflicting – needs of the family.

Our clients and the public think of us as extended family members, reliably present to help with whatever life dishes out.


Our mission is to usher families through life changes required by elderhood and when needed, to swiftly and peacefully move them though difficult and complex transitions from the broader perspective of the whole family unit.

Operation Copacetic

Operation Relo is a wholly owned subsidiary of Operation Copacetic. When the company was formed in July 2018, we were more focused on the trauma of the transition – on all the physical aspects of downsizing and moving seniors into new facilities.

As we grew, we realized we are more of an overall elder lifestyle management company. We adopted the phrase elderhood to describe the stage of life occurring after childhood and adulthood, a phrase coined by Dr. Louise Aronson in her 2019 book of the same name.

Our focus is on ensuring the elder years are healthy, safe, and joyful. But to achieve that elders also require different accommodations than were appropriate for adulthood and childhood. This may involve relocation, but not necessarily. It’s more about being copacetic.

The word copacetic is an adjective meaning “completely satisfactory” or “in excellent order.” It also carried connotations of letting go, relaxation, and enchantment. It’s the state of mind we hope to deliver to our families.

We will continue to operate under the name Operation Relo, especially for those services like cleanouts, repairs, moves, and real estate-related transactions. In that regard, Operation Relo is both a copacetic company and a Copacetic company.

Operation Copacetic will increasingly be used in conjunction with our softer services: high end estate sales, elder lifestyle management, executor & POA services, the work of our Empaths. Copacetic and Relo are complementary sister brands serving the diverse needs of this customer base together.


Operation Relo is always looking for people who support our vision and can contribute to the mission. Most of our people are contractors or part-time at this stage of our growth.

We are a young company with big plans. We don’t want to pigeonhole anybody but the kinds of people we are looking for fall into the following categories


Estate, Tag and Garage Sales

We want people who know how to value possessions, manage setup and conduct sales, Must be an upbeat individual who works gregariously with the public, being fair – sometimes firm – while always assuring the customer has a good experience. Must be trustworthy handling cash transactions.

Elder Lifestyle Coaches - Empaths

We are looking for people with very high EQs who can help manage families through very difficult times. The ideal candidates may have been a caregiver, social worker, therapist, or a nurse, and you’re tuned into the emotional requirements of our elder client and the family dynamics.

Crew leaders, drivers, tradespeople, workers

We’re looking for hearty and strong folks who can move furniture safely, and others who can fix things. You must enjoy dealing with the public. Every day will be different. The environment is fun and challenging as our customers are usually under a lot of stress. We need people who can put in a good day’s work with a smile, helping people going through tough times. Licensed contractors and those with CDLs are a plus.

Sales & Marketing

People who understand the huge need we’re addressing with the creativity and energy to motivate our families to take the actions they require to enjoy life more. We prefer experience for senior roles by also have space for those just getting started.


People who have managed logistically complicated projects, especially in a domestic setting.

Stick with us and we will aggressively promote you as we grow. Our high-performing loyal workers will be bonused via profit sharing and be eligible for stock options in the company.

If you like what we’re doing, want to get involved, and think you fit into one or more roles described, please Contact Us.

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Our Founder's Story

My father passed away in 2015, and I was named executor of the estate and guardian for my mom. This set off a two-year odyssey dealing with creditors, frozen bank accounts and three separate moves for my mom in one year. It was an unpaid job with no roadmap that involved repairing and selling the house and distributing the assets among family as equitably as possible. Sadly, the stressful events fractured our family, which happens all too often in these circumstances.

These are the things they don’t teach you in school or business. Each task – legal, medical, moving, home repair, real estate, creditor management, Medicaid – has its own arcane rules. There are very few people who have expertise in all that needs to be done so that the family can move forward. There’s a lot of on-the-job training for a task you hope to never do again. But that’s the job of the executor.

That’s why Operation Relo was created. We’ve built a network of experienced people to work through all of these tricky challenges. Our goal is to make life changes and wealth transfer within families and between generations as peaceful and equitable as possible … whatever it takes