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Moving & Storage

Moving is tough on everybody. In studies on stress, moving is consistently rated as one of the three most stressful events in a person’s life, up there is death and divorce. And when that move is from the family home where a parent has lived for decades it, the move is often the most stressful event of their long life.

That’s why we hire Elder Lifestyle Coaches, or as we sometime call them, Empaths. Empaths are wonderful, sensitive people focused on the emotional  needs of the elder and the rest of the family during this difficult time. While the rest of the crew is focused on the physical work required to make your move efficient and timely, our Empath focuses on the emotions of parting with a lifetime of memories.


Operation Relo offers customizable packing services to fit the needs of any move. We have full and partial packing options. We build custom crating for more fragile items, whether they go on our trucks or are shipped across the country.  We also handle unpacking your belongings at your new destination.

  • Full-Service Packing Plan. Save time and alleviate stress. No matter the size or destination, leave all your packing to us.
  • DIY Packing Plan. You pack your home. We wrap your furniture and load your belongings in the truck. Then we unload your belongings at your new destination.
  • Depending on your needs, we can simply unpack your items and remove the boxes. Or we can help arrange the items in your new home, hanging them on the wall. We can even provide advances services like installing computers and getting cable service installed. One of the more difficult tasks is getting old clocks running again. For that we call in experts.


Self-storage. This is a popular option for many people for different reasons.

  • It’s often used as a temporary drop spot when moving, but a lot of people use it when making room for the in-laws, ancillary storage for apartment and small studio dwellers.
  • Our temperature-controlled storage units are great for storing supplies, artwork, and other sensitive items.
  • We also offer storage units and parking spaces for vehicle storage, motorcycle storage, and even boat storage. We also serve the needs of jet ski, ATV, and RV storage as well.

Warehouse storage. For longer term commitments we offer warehouse storage at rates significantly lower that self-storage. Your items will be place on a pallet and shrink wrapped in a temperature controlled dry warehouse, available to you by appointment.