Who We Help

Real Estate Agents

You know your market, the homes in your territory. There is one that really should be listed but it is just sitting. You know you can sell it, but it’s chock full of old stuff and needs some work to get the price it should. Houses like this stay off the market for many reasons.

  • The house is occupied by an elderly person who needs to move to assisted living. The family may have even contacted you to get the house sold, but they are busy themselves, possibly out-of-town, and they have no time to find a good place for the senior to go and to get the property ready for sale.
  • The elders know they need to move, but they’re just not up to it. Rather than take on what they perceive to be overwhelming tasks, they stay put endangering their lives and depreciating the property.
  • Or maybe, the house has been abandoned. Someone died, maybe months or years ago. Mice and other critters have begun to take up residence. The family knows they have a problem, but no one wants to take on the legal issues or the repairs as well as the far-flung family issues. So, the house sits losing value.

You want the listing. You know you can sell it, and you’re willing to make a few phone calls. But this isn’t what you get paid to do.

Operation Relo is the realtor’s best friend, working through the tricky issues needed to get houses on the market – faster and in better shape for sale

We handle cleanouts, repairs, tag sales, moving & storage, and many of the emotional issues that go along with these situations. We even can help finance some of the work. We work with foreclosure situations.

How It Works

You give us a name, address, and general description of what needs to be done. Tell them we will be calling. We conduct an initial phone call followed up by a walk-through where we assess the overall situation. We then present a proposal which often covers:

  • A plan to remove possessions from house.
  • Assistance to find them their next home if that’s assisted living. When it’s a downsized ranch or condo, we assume you have that covered.
  • A cleanout, repairs, and upgrades to make the house marketable.
  • We can finance some or all of our work through escrow financing.

We then discuss the plan with the owner and preferably another set of people the homeowner trusts. That often is a family member: a daughter, son, or niece. It also may be the family attorney, accountant, minister, or doctor. We’ve found the best way to keep the process moving is to have credible, competent third parties involved providing counsel and reassurance.

We always keep the real estate agent in the loop. We get that you’re driving the bus marketing and selling their most important physical asset for the best price possible. We consistently remind the owner of this. It’s not about the stuff packed inside the house. It’s the house itself, and your agent knows how to sell it.

If this sounds like a service that can help you sign more properties and close more sales, contact us.

Also, we are happy to come to your office to share our service offerings with your fellow agents. We can keep it short and sweet (about 10 minutes with Q&A) or stay as long as you want.