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Elder Lifestyle Coaches

One of the features that sets Operation Relo apart is that we employ Elder Lifestyle Coaches (also called “Empaths”) to tend to the emotional needs of the elder and the family during this often-difficult transition.

When elders leave their home in which they’ve raised a family, celebrated holidays, and in general lived through life’s ups and downs – it is at the very least poignant … and often devastating. They’re leaving it now. 

And all those possessions she’s watched over like a mother on her nest, are now being scattered to the wind. So often, her own family doesn’t want them, and the public will only buy them at a small fraction of what they are worth in her heart. It can seem so cruel.

In situations like this, we assign our Elder Lifestyle Coaches, our Empaths. They are completely focused on the family dynamics and the emotional and mental health of the collective family unit. This isn’t group counseling. It’s a special sensitive someone to anticipate trouble spots, pulling in additional resources as needed.

Our coaches are recruited from the ranks of caregivers, social workers, therapists, and nurses. They have very high EQs. They are available on the phone throughout the process and will be physically present during the cleanout and the move to ease this difficult transition as much as possible.